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Bear 71

Bear 71 is an interactive documentary that follows a tagged bear in Banff National Park.  It is an excellent way of taking a tour of Banff, seeing wildlife and learning about bears in Banff.

The footage is excellent, it is nice to go explore and the music is moody and appropriate.

Speaking of music the sound does get drowned out by the background music which doesn’t turn off again if you pause and resume it.  I suggest going through the 20 minutes documentary following Bear 71 and then exploring the rest of it after



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I am down to one option: relearn how to walk.

Over the last 4 months I have been training for the Cultus lake triathlon. I have had injuries in the past so I decided on a nice slow 20 week training schedule.

All was doing well until on one run at about the 6 km mark I started getting knee pain. I decided to walk the rest of the way to prevent it from getting worse. After visiting the doctor I was told to stop running long distances. As this would prevent me from my goals of running various triathlons I was discouraged.

Over the past 5 years I have constantly hurt myself while running and I have tried many combinations of shoes and orthotics to fix it. Over time what feels best is always going with something simpler and more basic.

So I have come to one last thing to try for running. I am going to relearn how to walk. With the research out on barefoot running, I am going to make the transition to barefoot walking and then running. I am going to take it slow doing 6 weeks of learning to walk barefoot and then 12 weeks relearning to run.

My goal is in a year I will be able to finally break my personal best with no pain, a 17km rum.

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changes to booner’s blog

My blog is changing… for the better! I have decided to focus the blog on a few new areas as well as keeping the photography focus. Part of this is because a lot of the photography I have done lately I am not able to share and part of this is to blog about some of my other passions. This will allow me to post far more frequently 🙂

Coming up in the next few weeks I will post about my triathlon training and a mountaineering course I am taking!

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Mystical Winter Hike

It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I would show a few quick pictures from a recent hike. The weather was foggy and it started to snow as reached higher elevations. This gave the hike a sort of mystical and ethereal feel. I don’t think the photos quite captured that, but I hope some of that magic comes through!

Mystical Path

Mystical Path

Almost There

The final moments on the snow covered path.

The lake's island

The lake's island

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the view, just before we have some tea

Our trusty companion

A picture of me in the snow... with shorts of course

A picture of me in the snow... with shorts of course



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West Coast Trail – Day 7 (Final Day)

Log Jam Creek to Port Renfrew (5 km)

The final day was a little anticlimactic. We only had 5 km left which was so short and you could feel that it was the home stretch.

We came across another derelict donkey engine just past the highest point of the trail. What better place for some goofy pictures.

We have reached the summit of the donkey engine.

Some Goofy faces as we pose at the donkey engine

Umm.. The face says it all I think

When we came to the end of the trail we could see where we camped before we started the hike. On the Port Renfrew side you must cross the Gordon River. To do this you raise a buoy to signal the ferry operator to pick you up.

This is the final marker on the trail

The signal for the ferry operator to pick us up.

Once we were on the other side it was a couple hour trip to the ferry to the mainland, and then another hour back to my parents house where we were greeted by our families. We were tired but in good spirits.

The Ferry

This picture may be a little out of focus, but it shows us triumphant at the end.

Across the river you see our camping spot from day 0. That beech is where I took the first picture in my Day 0 post.

There were over 90 people who had to be evacuated off the trail this year when we left. At least 8 while we were on the trail. During our time hiking we saw 2 search and rescue helicopters.

We made it and had an amazing adventure.

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West Coast Trail – Day 6

Camper Creek to Log Jam Creek (8 km)
Day 6 started off with a good breakfast. Just as we were leaving camper creek we saw 3 deer, however they ran off before I could get a picture. At camper’s creek is the last cable car. Since this was the last cable car on the trip we decided to use it even though the water was low enough to cross without it.

Hikers Carved in a Buoy

Campsites were marked by many buoys. Many were humorously carved.

A cable car goes across Camper Creek carrying a hiker

Our last ride across a cable car

A caution sign

The warning signs on the trail changed from bear to cougar.

Day 6’s hike was all inland and was very typical for coastal BC and the least muddy of all the trails so far (I haven’t mentioned it, but parts of the trail are very muddy).

Old log bridges

The previous log bridges discarded that used to cross this creek.

We decided to eat lunch on a bunch of logs that were part of the trail path but several feet above the ground. One of us was really nervous that something might fall off as we cooked the noodles. I did pushups on the logs just for fun.

Our group cooking lunch on some logs above the ground.

Our group cooking lunch on some logs above the ground.

A nervous hiker eating lunch

One member found eating on this log a bit precarious

Doing some push ups

I decided to do some push ups, I guess I had too much energy in the morning.

There was a some more old growth forest through this section, but not as much as on Day 5.

2 old growth trees

This was some of the last large old growth we saw on the trip.

We decided to camp just past km 70 at an unofficial campsite at log jam creek. This saved us an extra 2 km by not having to go to Thrasher Cove for the night and then having to come back to the trail. This required a little more work as there were no outhouses or bear caches so we had to do things the old fashioned way. There is a certain art to stringing up food in trees when it is dark that I have not perfected yet.

Our make shift camp in the woods

A view from the trail looking down on our make shift camp at Log Jam Creek

Myself working on a photo

The camp gave me time to setup for a photo of the bridge we would cross in the morning.

Bridge Over Log Jam Creek

The resulting shot from all that tripod work at Log Jam Creek.

At supper we made hot iced tea using the iced tea powder you buy in the store. It is surprisingly tasty. I was surprised how much darker at night it is in the woods (pitch black) compared to on the beach. Tonight had a different feel as we knew it was our last night of the trip. You could feel that it was about to end.

I was a little tired.

I found myself very tired at the end of this day. I think I didn't pack enough snacks to eat.

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West Coast Trail – Day 5

Walbran Creek to Camper Creek (9 km)
Day 5 was a good day. It all started with a big bowl of oatmeal. For whatever reason, starting with oatmeal just makes the day better.

Sunrise at Walbran creek with one star still visible in the sky

The sunrise was beautiful with a few stars still fighting to stay visible.

What better way to start off a day of hiking by going over the Logan Suspension bridge. It has just the perfect amount of wobble to make it fun! Each side was proceeded with ladders of about 200 rungs.

West Coast Trail - Stairs to Logan Creek Suspension Bridge

The longest ladder on the West Coast Trail is this one leading to Logan Creek suspension bridge.

The view of Logan Creek from the suspension bridge

We can start to see the bank of mist roll in from the ocean. Below is Logan Creek.

Crossing Logan Creek

Crossing Logan Creek

Day 5 also contained the best forest scenery with the beautiful bog forest mixed with old growth rain forest. Nature was kind enough to send in a bank of mist off the ocean to allow for beautiful light beams in the forest. Thanks Nature!

The bog forest with unmaintened boardwalks

The bog forest is nearly entirely on board walks, however some are in need of repair

Hiking through the forest

Many parts of the day would transation through forests like this and the bog forest.

Tree growing out of falling trees

The amazing part of the rain forest is trees will grow anywhere, even on top of fallen old trees.

Large old grown trees start to appear

Old growth trees would be along sections of the trail. Unfortunately it is hard to get an appretiation for how large it is without being there.

Roots all over the trail

With old growth trees the pathway is often just a tangle of roots.

Light rays light up the moss

Mist + Sun + Forest = Awesome

A hiker walks by a large tree

This was not the largest old growth tree, but hopefully this give you an idea of how large these trees are.

Tall trees dwarf our hiking trip

The tall trees and thick foliage dwarf our hiking crew.

While stopping for lunch another hiker going the other way decided to use the cable car (even though the water was low enough you didn’t have to) and have lunch above us. It was nice to have another guest!

A guest for lunch, high above in a cable car.

Our lunch guest

The only disappointment about the day was that Adrenaline creek was just a trickle. It didn’t live up to it’s name at all.

We arrived at Camper’s creek and made a fire with some other hikers. They were packing too much food so they were kind enough to give us some of theirs for the next day so we didn’t have to use the not so nice store bought food. Yay!

Sharing a fire with other campers

Here are a few friends we made on the trail, sharing a fire.

Day 5 ended with a lovely clear sky. Spirits were high but our pace was getting slower. The group was starting to get tired.

Sunset at Camper's Creek

This would be the last sunset we see on the trip.

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