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Bear 71

Bear 71 is an interactive documentary that follows a tagged bear in Banff National Park.  It is an excellent way of taking a tour of Banff, seeing wildlife and learning about bears in Banff.

The footage is excellent, it is nice to go explore and the music is moody and appropriate.

Speaking of music the sound does get drowned out by the background music which doesn’t turn off again if you pause and resume it.  I suggest going through the 20 minutes documentary following Bear 71 and then exploring the rest of it after



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I am down to one option: relearn how to walk.

Over the last 4 months I have been training for the Cultus lake triathlon. I have had injuries in the past so I decided on a nice slow 20 week training schedule.

All was doing well until on one run at about the 6 km mark I started getting knee pain. I decided to walk the rest of the way to prevent it from getting worse. After visiting the doctor I was told to stop running long distances. As this would prevent me from my goals of running various triathlons I was discouraged.

Over the past 5 years I have constantly hurt myself while running and I have tried many combinations of shoes and orthotics to fix it. Over time what feels best is always going with something simpler and more basic.

So I have come to one last thing to try for running. I am going to relearn how to walk. With the research out on barefoot running, I am going to make the transition to barefoot walking and then running. I am going to take it slow doing 6 weeks of learning to walk barefoot and then 12 weeks relearning to run.

My goal is in a year I will be able to finally break my personal best with no pain, a 17km rum.