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West Coast Trail – Day 7 (Final Day)

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Log Jam Creek to Port Renfrew (5 km)

The final day was a little anticlimactic. We only had 5 km left which was so short and you could feel that it was the home stretch.

We came across another derelict donkey engine just past the highest point of the trail. What better place for some goofy pictures.

We have reached the summit of the donkey engine.

Some Goofy faces as we pose at the donkey engine

Umm.. The face says it all I think

When we came to the end of the trail we could see where we camped before we started the hike. On the Port Renfrew side you must cross the Gordon River. To do this you raise a buoy to signal the ferry operator to pick you up.

This is the final marker on the trail

The signal for the ferry operator to pick us up.

Once we were on the other side it was a couple hour trip to the ferry to the mainland, and then another hour back to my parents house where we were greeted by our families. We were tired but in good spirits.

The Ferry

This picture may be a little out of focus, but it shows us triumphant at the end.

Across the river you see our camping spot from day 0. That beech is where I took the first picture in my Day 0 post.

There were over 90 people who had to be evacuated off the trail this year when we left. At least 8 while we were on the trail. During our time hiking we saw 2 search and rescue helicopters.

We made it and had an amazing adventure.

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One thought on “West Coast Trail – Day 7 (Final Day)

  1. Congraz! This trail looks awesome and yall seem to have enjoyed it, nice.

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