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West Coast Trail – Day 5

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Walbran Creek to Camper Creek (9 km)
Day 5 was a good day. It all started with a big bowl of oatmeal. For whatever reason, starting with oatmeal just makes the day better.

Sunrise at Walbran creek with one star still visible in the sky

The sunrise was beautiful with a few stars still fighting to stay visible.

What better way to start off a day of hiking by going over the Logan Suspension bridge. It has just the perfect amount of wobble to make it fun! Each side was proceeded with ladders of about 200 rungs.

West Coast Trail - Stairs to Logan Creek Suspension Bridge

The longest ladder on the West Coast Trail is this one leading to Logan Creek suspension bridge.

The view of Logan Creek from the suspension bridge

We can start to see the bank of mist roll in from the ocean. Below is Logan Creek.

Crossing Logan Creek

Crossing Logan Creek

Day 5 also contained the best forest scenery with the beautiful bog forest mixed with old growth rain forest. Nature was kind enough to send in a bank of mist off the ocean to allow for beautiful light beams in the forest. Thanks Nature!

The bog forest with unmaintened boardwalks

The bog forest is nearly entirely on board walks, however some are in need of repair

Hiking through the forest

Many parts of the day would transation through forests like this and the bog forest.

Tree growing out of falling trees

The amazing part of the rain forest is trees will grow anywhere, even on top of fallen old trees.

Large old grown trees start to appear

Old growth trees would be along sections of the trail. Unfortunately it is hard to get an appretiation for how large it is without being there.

Roots all over the trail

With old growth trees the pathway is often just a tangle of roots.

Light rays light up the moss

Mist + Sun + Forest = Awesome

A hiker walks by a large tree

This was not the largest old growth tree, but hopefully this give you an idea of how large these trees are.

Tall trees dwarf our hiking trip

The tall trees and thick foliage dwarf our hiking crew.

While stopping for lunch another hiker going the other way decided to use the cable car (even though the water was low enough you didn’t have to) and have lunch above us. It was nice to have another guest!

A guest for lunch, high above in a cable car.

Our lunch guest

The only disappointment about the day was that Adrenaline creek was just a trickle. It didn’t live up to it’s name at all.

We arrived at Camper’s creek and made a fire with some other hikers. They were packing too much food so they were kind enough to give us some of theirs for the next day so we didn’t have to use the not so nice store bought food. Yay!

Sharing a fire with other campers

Here are a few friends we made on the trail, sharing a fire.

Day 5 ended with a lovely clear sky. Spirits were high but our pace was getting slower. The group was starting to get tired.

Sunset at Camper's Creek

This would be the last sunset we see on the trip.

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