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West Coast Trail – Day 4

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Cribs Creek to Walbran Creek (11.5 km)
It Rained last night and the sand was everywhere. I did not get all the sand from Cribs Creek beach out of my camera until after the trip. It was also another light breakfast day, but I learned my lesson and ate several energy bars before we left.

We hiked on some great shelf today. I love shelf hiking. We also saw more sea lions, 2 eagles and more cormorants. Not a bad wild life day. The route had some wonderful sea stacks and the second light house on the trail at Carmanah Point.

Carmanah Point Lighthouse

West Coast Trail - Carmanah Point Lighthouse

Sea Lions getting hit by a wave

Sea Lions getting hit by a wave... which they seem to enjoy

Sea Stacks

Sea Stacks - Unfortunately I do not have a picture which does them justice.

We stopped at Chez Monique’s for breakfast/lunch around 9:00 am. Chez Monique’s is a little burger stand on an Indian Reserve. Monique who runs the stand is married to Peter whose ancestral land is where the burger stand is. Monique was not at the stand but at school studying horticulture so they can grow their own vegetables instead of bringing them in. Not bad for a couple in their 70’s. I split a bacon, mushroom, cheddar burger and a red snapper burger with another backpacker. Both were good but the bacon mushroom cheddar was better. I also took advantage of this occasion to buy a coke, snickers bar and a large muffin. Today was a good day for food.

Chez Monique's Menu

Chez Monique's Menu

The group at Chez Monique's

The group at Chez Monique's

Fantastic Looking (and tasting!) burgers

Fantastic looking (and tasting!) burgers

The view of the Carmanah Point Lighthouse after Chez Monique's

The view of the Carmanah Point Lighthouse after Chez Monique's

A member of our group turtled on this section of the trail. Turteling is where you fall backward onto your back, but because of the weight of the backpack you can’t get up unless you roll over like a turtle. I have to apologize for the lack of video or photos of this most hilarious event.

The long backpacker

I don't have a picture of anybody turteling so here is another picture I like from that day.

We decided to stop at Walbran and extend our trip to 7 nights from the original 6. This made for more relaxing and enjoyable days. It also allowed us to get the Walbran resort as we were at the camp site so early (roughly 1:00 pm). This gave us time to have a nice fire, play some cards and hang up our gear to dry from previous wet night.

Crossing Walbran Creek

Before getting to camp you must wade across Walbran Creek. When the water is higher you will be forced to use the cable car that is upstream.

The Walbran Resort Sign

Not too many camping spots come with a shelter already built.

Walbran Creek Reflection

Sometimes the water was just still enough on Walbran Creek to get amazing reflections.

Seagulls gly by Walbran Creek

There were lots of seagulls on the trail today. They are not as used to humans as the ones in the city which means they will take flight if you get close.

A look at the Walbran resort campsite

The Walbran resort in all its glory

Sunset at Walbran Creek

The sky tried to stay clear, which gave us a brief moment of colour at sunset.

Sunset at Walbran Creek Beach

Another view of the sunset at Walbran Creek

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