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West Coast Trail – Day 3

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Tsusiat Falls to Cribs Creek (14.5 km)
Day 3 was an early start as we wanted to do a lot of distance and the terrain is starting to get more difficult. Our alarms went off at 5:30 am.

West Coast Trail - Tsusiat Falls Camp

Here we are packing up with Tsusiat Falls in the background

We just ate a few snacks breakfast as we knew we would be hitting Nitinat Narrows early and we would purchase fresh crab. The first part of the hike was on the beach and was a lot of fun before I ran out of energy.

A hole in the rock allowing us to pass at low tide what would normally be an impassible headland

A hole in the rock allowing us to pass at low tide what would normally be an impassible headland

Hole in the rock

Another view from the other side of the hole in the rock

We made it to Nitinat narrows and were the first group that day to ride the ferry across the narrows. After the ferry ride we ordered crab for early lunch/breakfast. Apparently this is the only place in the world to have fresh water dungeness crab in the world.

A sign telling us we are entering an Indian Reserve

On our way to the narrows a sign indicates we have entered an Indian Reserve

The Ferry Operator Checks Our Passes

At Nitinat Narrows the ferry operator checks our permits before we cross.

The crab shack where the ferry takes us.

The other side of Nitinat narrows has the crab shack.

My breakfast crab

Breakfast is served.

Unfortunately the last 10 km of the day felt long. Crab takes a long time to eat and between the light breakfast and the crab I did not have enough energy. It is too bad as I wish I felt better to enjoy the fantastic cliffs we were walking along overlooking the rugged coastline and beaches.

Cliff Side View

A cliff side view of the fantastic coast line.

A perfect untouched beach

We were high on the cliff when we passed this beach, but it looked like a great camping site... if you could get to it.

Along the way we saw lots of warnings about resident bears, past closed campgrounds because of said bears and saw a patrol cabin with an electrified fence around it because of, you guessed it, bears. I was so tired and I am glad I took the pictures or I would of forgotten that we even passed by these locations.

The First of Many Bear Signs

The first of many bear signs

A Patrol Cabin with an electrified fence

The second patrol cabin we see in our journey, this one with an electrified fence.

Crazy Trees

I wish there were more trees that grew like this.

Cool looking mushroom

I wonder if it is edible?

A Garter Snake

A garter snake.

We got in to Cribs Creek which is a unique beach. It has sea lions off the coast and large rock shelves that would fill up with water when the waves hit and have little water falls come off of it. This beach also has the finest sand of all the beaches we stayed at. It gets everywhere because it was wet, however it was comfortable to walk on.

Mini waterfalls

Some of the mini waterfalls

I have been defeated

This is why you should always eat a good breakfast backpacking. Even if you are going to eat crab 2 hours later.

Day 3 was a blur because of a lack of food for me, but still enjoyable.

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