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West Coast Trail – Day 2


Tsocowis Creek to Tsusiat Falls (10 km)
As we packed up camp the group we camped with on Day 1 gave Jayson a bottle of fuel they found. A man named Joe lost it and asked them if they found it to send the bottle of fuel towards him. We took the bottle and I have to admit I thought we would never find Joe.

We walked on a lot of shelf today. I think walking on the shelf was my favourite type of hiking of the whole trip!

West Coast Trail - Stream

The cool part of the West Coast Trail is you constantly see beautiful nature all the time. This was just past Tscowis camp.

West Coast Trail - Shelf Walking

Walking on the shelf is fun. You can do it fast and there is lots of marine life along the way to see.

Around Valancia Bluffs (km 18) we saw an abandoned grader and donkey engine on the trail. I assume they were used to maintain the trail in the past. I also saw a boiler from a ship that was in the sea around Trestle Creek (km 20) and an anchor on the beach.

West Coast Trail - Anchor

The part I wondered is how did this insanely heavy anchor get this far up on the shore?

West Coast Trail - Donkey Engine

The old donkey engine which nature is slowly eroding.

West Coast Trail - Grader

I am assuming this grader is what the donkey engine used to pull to maintain this stretch of trail.

We also had to use our first cable car at Klanawa River (km 22) which was a blast!

West Coast Trail - Cable Car

Cable car's are nice change to the standard hiking.

When we got to camp we swam under Tsusiat falls. The water was cold but it was refreshing.

West Coast Trail - Swim at Tsusiat Falls

When you see a waterfall, you have to swim under it!

When we got to our campsite we found some people had buried their fire rather than putting it out. The still smoldering fire let us get a nice fire going real quickly. Unfortunately it started raining and we did our best to build a make shift shelter with the fire.

West Coast Trail - Setting up camp at Tsusiat Falls

Fortunately we were able to set up camp before the rain started.

We also found Joe who was camping at Tsusiat falls and were able to return his fuel. The entrance to the outhouses and bear caches at Tsusiat camp are behind 4-5 feet of piled up logs. This makes for an interesting adventure in the middle of the night 🙂

West Coast Trail - Sun Rays

We didn't get a sunset this night with the clouds rolling in, but the scenary was almost as spectacular.

I know all this post seems disjointed, but it was that kind of day, lots of random stuff with the only connection being it was on the trail 🙂

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