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West Coast Trail – Day 1


Panchena Beach to Tsocowis Creek (16.5 km)
The alarm went off at 6:00 and we started eating breakfast and getting ready to start the trail. Our taxi came at 7:00 and after the obligatory starting picture we were off!

West Coast Trail - Start at Bamfield

Obligatory shot at the start of the trail in Bamfield

We choose the beach route at the beginning as it skips the 2nd highest ladder (or so we were told). It was raining, or misting as I like to call it but spirits were high despite the lack of sun.

West Coast Trail - Hiking in the Mist

Hiking in the mist

We stopped briefly at Km 9 to see the sea lions resting on the rock and a km later we stopped at the Panchena Pt Lighthouse for some lunch.

West Coast Trail - Sea Lions

Sea Lions

West Coast Trail - Panchena Point Lighthouse

Panchena Point Lighthouse

West Coast Trail - Lunch at Panchena Point

Lunch at the lighthouse

At Km 12 we stopped at the Michigan Creek campsite for a break. Some of the less experienced hikers got a lesson about not throwing food away on the ground and others took advantage of the break for a quick nap.

West Coast Trail - Break at Michigan Creek Campsite

Break at Michigan Creek Campsite

West Coast Trail - Nap Time at Michigan Creek

Nap Time at Michigan Creek

As we continued to our camp the weather had cleared up and we could see gray whales in the distance. We also saw part of an old rusted out boat.

West Coast Trail - Old Boat

This boat has seen better days

We set up camp, only to be disturbed by a bear who was curious. We then moved our camp to be beside another camp. The sky also cleared up to give us our first sunset of the trip.

West Coast Trail - Camp at Tscowis Creek

Our Camp at Tscowis Creek

West Coast Trail - Bear at Tscowis Creek

This bear stopped by, probably smelled all our garlic in our pasta at dinner.

West Coast Trail - Sunset at Tscowis

I was happy to see this sunset as I didn't know if we would get good enough weather on our trip

All in all, a good first day.

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3 thoughts on “West Coast Trail – Day 1

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  2. Where does this trail start from exactly? Which state is it in?

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