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Returning to a previous location, Shannon Falls

One aspect of capturing better photos is to return to a location. For outdoor areas conditions can change giving different shots and perspectives that were not possible before. You can also return knowing what shots did and did not work allowing you to explore different possibilities to expand on what went well or to avoid what does not work.

This summer I returned to Shannon Falls. There was more water coming down the falls compared to last time I had visited. On my previous trip I was not happy with the results I had and only posted one photo of the falls that I was marginally happy with. This time I was tempted to take similar photos as the ones from the year before. Knowing that they did not work last year I decided to be more creative and get some crops and wider angles instead of just a picture of the waterfall itself.

Previous Year’s Photos

Shannon Falls 2010

Shannon Falls 2010

This Year’s Photos

Close up of a small section of shannon falls

Close up of a small section of the falls

The top of Shannon Falls

The top of the falls

Visitors View of Shannon Falls

Visitors View of Shannon Falls

I am quite happy about the photos I shot by returning to the location and trying something different. Hopefully I will return again in the near future and try to get something new out of a visit to Shannon Falls. A link to the full Gallery with more shots of the Falls and “The Chief” can be found at my photo site